We are pleased to acknowledge that last week, Jeremy Hall was invited to present with SpringShare at the 2015 ACRL conference in Portland, OR._MG_3779_mini Over the past year, Jeremy has worked very closely with SpringShare developers to resolve technical issues in the new LibGuides2 platform and help define business requirements that have lead to a more effective and feature rich product. His work customizing LibGuides has lead to a cleaner, home page with seamlessly integrated systems like OneSearch, Chat and an automatically updated calendar.

Jeremy’ expertise has not gone unnoticed in the greater SpringShare community either. Jeremy has been called upon by web developers all over the country to help find new ways to configure their sites.

Due to the late notice and short budget. Jeremy will not attend this year’s ACRL but he will present at the next Springy Web Conference (not yet scheduled) and next year’s Computers in Libraries in 2016.

Have a look at the new LibGuides Home Page rolled out in late February and leave your comments on the new look and feel of the site.