Properly testing the migration to Full Text Finder  is crucial. Library Systems and Technical Services met to identify the affected systems and discuss most effective approach to ensuring a successful upgrade. Simply performing searches at random would not give us the information we need. Because we are changing our A-Z management tool as well as our link resolver, we determined that we needed to test all forms of full test links and not just Full Text Finder links.

We began by creating a test profile in EDS that used the new EBSCO management tools. Then we created a spreadsheet and populated it with the test url and Content Providers. We called for volunteers to perform searches and record the results for linking and the journal for the first twenty results.

ftfAdmittedly 20 results is a small sample size for a pass/fail but, given the number of content providers and journals, we will still record over 1500 search results. If we want to be confident in our 90% success rate, then the sample size should be closer to 65 but we simply do not have time to perform that many searches.

The current plan shows that this project will take about 4 months to complete. Given our samples, we are really only finding gross errors in the system which we will correct and retest. Assuming major failures are kept to a minimum, we can be more thorough in the follow-up testing.

Next post will be a review of the data collected by the project team.